Easy Steps, How to Work Less and Travel More

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There are so many workaholic people who always wonder how some people manage to travel so much, even if they work much less.

It’s actually not about how much money you earn, but the lifestyle you live. In this article I will describe easy tips that would help you to start living a lifestyle that you like – to travel more without working 24/7.

The following tips are not written in any particular order of importance. Also you don’t have to follow each step to make your lifestyle of a traveler. However, the more tips you put into action, the easier it will be for you to save money for your next travel journey in a shorter time.

Before you start reading, have in mind that some of the tips are quite controversial.

Ask your friend to cut your hair

To have a decent look, you have to go to a hairdresser at least once a month. If you have a friend who has some skills, ask him or her to do it for you. I know, it might get a bit tricky if you have long hair and feel scared that your hair will get ruined. In that case, I would try to find someone who cuts hair outside their working hours (for cheaper price) or try to look for a free haircut events on Facebook.

Have a basic diet

We consume a lot of junk food that could be easily skipped with something more nutritious and fulfilling the hunger for a longer period of time. I personally try to avoid all type of processed and rich in sugar products. Not just because it is unhealthy, but also it is a waste of money.

Buy clothes that are of good quality

We tend to think, that buying a cheap things would save us more money. I think in most cases it makes no sense. Because you get what you pay for. It is better to spend extra money for a product which is made from natural material, rather than synthetic which will make you feel like wearing a plastic bag. The other factor is the quality; cheap clothes are usually not well tailored and get damaged much faster.

Second-hand clothes

Today many vintage stores sell high-quality clothes. I know, not everyone likes the idea of wearing used clothes, but if you feel fine with using second-hand clothes, go for it!

 Renting with other people

If you want to save up money, you have to find a cheap accommodation. The best option is to rent together with your friends or some other people. Some people would choose to live with their parents. If you do so, don’t let your parents feel that they have to pay for everything. Help them with rent expenses.

Dumpster diving for food

It is quite controversial practice, but there are a lot of people doing so and it seems that it is a very good way to decrease the cost of food expenses.  For those who have never heard about it, dumpster diving means, that you look for food (or other necessities) in commercial on non-commercial waste containers. For more info and locations visit TrashWiki.

Walk or ride a bicycle

I sold my first (and last) car in 2009, since then I have been mainly walking or riding a bike. It is not only good money saver, but also keeps me fit for every journey ahead. There are of course period of times when I have to use public transport to avoid the cold in winter time, but when the weather is good I walk or ride.

Stop using shampoo

I have made some experiences of not using a shampoo for a longer period of time and I came to a conclusion that it is not an essential thing to keep your hair healthy and clean. The only thing I still use is conditioner, once a week.

Get a job where you can have a meal for free

It has been playing a huge role when I was still studying and could only work in a part-time job. At that time I was working in the restaurant, where I could have a meal before a shift and also take leftovers home. I know it depends on countries and the culture of the working place, but usually working at the restaurant, bakery or café won’t let you be hungry on your working days.

When you are hungry, go to sleep

This is a tip from my friend, who once upon a time had some financial problems and used to go to sleep when he felt hungry. According to him, the hunger feeling disappeared and he saved food for later. Avoid this tip for your own sake, if you are not that broke.

Get rid of expensive stuff

The big part of my trip to India and Kashmir was covered with money that I got from selling my Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. When I was young, I had a dream to have an electric guitar, but with time I got busy with other things in life and guitar was just collecting the dust.

If you have some expensive things that you have kept for years, without using it – get rid of it. At first you might feel sad of losing it, but using that money for some adventure will be a better investment.

Pay all debts

It is quite annoying to travel and think about unpaid debts back home. Try to get rid of them before going abroad.

Offer free tour

If you live in a big city, you could offer tourists a free walking tour, but mention that you accept tips. It would only work, if you know a lot about your city, otherwise you’re screwed.

Keep your travel money on a savings account

Every month when I get salary, I split my money into two:  part of it goes to my regular bank account for a daily expenses and rent, rest of it I put on my savings account. By doing so it helps me to limit myself with monthly spending.

Ask for gifts that you need to have

Birthday and Christmas time is best days to get things we need, but can’t afford to buy. You can either ask your friends/ relatives for those things or get money so you can buy it by yourself.

Cook for two days in advance

For some people it might sound nasty to eat “old” food, but for me it has been a common practice for quite a while. I usually try to cook 2-3 portions of the same dish which I eat next 1-2 two days.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

If you use any of it, try to quit. It would save you time and money not only at home, but also when you are abroad.

Don’t buy useless stuff 

Just like with junk food, don’t buy things that you don’t need to have. Even when you are making “to have list” for your trip, it is a good practice to ask friends and relatives if they already have it and could lend it to you.

Don’t forget to have fun

Give yourself some treat from time to time. I am not saying to go to an expensive restaurant, but having a treat sometimes is a must. Saving money should not make you a work horse. When you have some free time, spend it with your friends or family.

Have you got something to add? Share your thoughts bellow.

by M.Borgarbúi

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