How to Find the Courage to Start Travelling Solo Tomorrow?

Did I say tomorrow?

Yeah why not, right now you might be sitting in your couch wondering if you will ever find a courage to travel solo.

Should it be this way?

Not really, you can start your journey tomorrow!

Put your negative thoughts…into the trash

We tend to find one million reasons to stop us from making the first step towards the goal, if we could change our negative thoughts into positive, it would make a lot of difference.

It is expensive to travel alone

Let me tell you a little secret that all experienced travellers know – you don’t have to be rich to travel. I personally have never earned a lot, but by living sparingly I manage to travel wherever I want to. So you can do it too!

I am scared to travel alone

At the beginning I was as well, and you know what, I started with a trip to India. It was probably most shocking experience of my life, but the culture shock was temporary. Later I got used to new surroundings and started to fully enjoy the journey. It is normal to be scared, but don’t let it overtake you!

how to find courage to travel solo

 Travelling solo is boring and I would feel lonely

If you are not planning a solo trip to Antarctica or Sahara dessert, it is very unlikely that you will ever feel lonely. We’re living in the age where it is almost impossible to find a location where you won’t meet similar minded people travelling just as you do. In the BEST case scenario, you can always communicate with locals.

Travelling solo is dangerous

If you Google “is travelling solo dangerous?” 9 of 10 results will be describing danger of travelling solo as a women. It might be true, that there are places that are more dangerous than others, but it does not mean that women do not travel alone.

On International Women’s Travel Center website you can see top 10 worst countries for women to travel to. It gives some good insights about latest incidents, but the problem with that list is that it relies on the data from the news papers.

If you are a woman I recommend you to read articles written by some of the most inspiring female travelers. You can see that most of them have been to countries that are considered to be dangerous.

Christine @ Grrrl Traveler has made a video about safety tips for women,  which fits well for men too:

You are ready to travel, right?

Since I made your negative thoughts to go away (I hope I did!), we can start talking about more positive things that will encourage you to to start travelling.

Just do it!

Everything starts with a right mindset. You can only reach a goal when you believe in it.

Visualize yourself at your dream destination

Visualization is a powerful tool which we use daily, but it is so deep rooted in us that we do not even notice when we do so. If you would start using visualization in conscious way it could be a powerful tool to gain what you’re dreaming of! If you’re still in doubt, read what successful people say about the power of visualization.
traveling solo

No money? Still, you can do it!

Tomislav Perko from Croatia have travelled around the world with a very little of money. In his video on TED Talks he describes his low budget travel experience (in very entertaining way).

So what are you waiting for?

As I’ve said in the beginning you can start your journey tomorrow. Lets be honest, you might not be ready to type in your VISA card numbers to buy a flight ticket for a departure tomorrow, but you could easily do a warm up.

Start reading blogs, buy a guide book or simply watch a movie that is filmed at your dream destination. Everything comes on the right time, and if you make yourself believe, tomorrow will be the first step towards making your first solo trip.

If you have already done your first solo trip, leave a comment bellow about what encouraged you to take action.

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