Where the dusty Chinese town meets Tibet

Summer 2012 I went to China and one of the places I visited was dusty little town of Xinduqiao and here some moments for you to see:
DSC01433-1 DSC01436-1 DSC01427-1 DSC01474-1 DSC01438-1 DSC01481-1 DSC01485-1 DSC01487-1 DSC01483-1 DSC01475-1 DSC01473-1 DSC01465-1 DSC01444-1 DSC01430-1 DSC01428-1 DSC01420-1 DSC01522-1 DSC01516-1 DSC01518-1 DSC01520-1 DSC01526-1 DSC01524-1 DSC01532-1 DSC01534-1 DSC01537-1 DSC01539-1 DSC01544-1 DSC01541-1 DSC01543-1 DSC01547-1 DSC01549-1 DSC01552-1 DSC01564-1 DSC01566-1 DSC01567-1 DSC01568-1 DSC01569-1 DSC01570-1 DSC01571-1 DSC01573-1 DSC01574-1 DSC01572-1

[Photos by M.Borgarbúi]

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