The Unseen Side of Kaunas

lonely shoes

What could I say about Kaunas? It’s definitely the second largest city of Lithuania and once it was a temporary capital city with population reaching more than 300.000. When I walked into the old-town, I felt like a big person in a small city. How could it be a capital? Well, it is enough to see ruins of the castle and it’s renovated tower to understand that the city was once destroyed by fire or its enemies. But compared to many other cities there’s no reason to judge it so harshly. It still has its charm and pinch of its very old history. However, in my stay I was more attracted to its dark side. The forgotten and less charming things…

Graffiti-in-Kaunas-2 graffiti-in-Kaunas trash-in-the-park-Kaunas carousel-in-Kaunas-5 carousel-in-Kaunas-4 carousel-in-Kaunas-3 bench-in-park-Kaunas Ice-cream-in-Kaunas carousel-in-Kaunas-2 creepy park in Kaunas creepy-house-in-Kaunas tivoli, fun in Kaunas lithuanian-soup-in-Kaunas modern lithuanian restaurant religious-stuff-in-Kaunas religious-stuff-in-Kaunas-2 abandoned-church-in-Kaunas tree-in-Kaunas old-wood-boat-in-Kaunas town-hall-square-in-Kaunas old-house-in-Kaunas-2 old-house-in-Kaunas Vodka-in-Kaunas Autumn-in-Kaunas Fishing-in-Kaunas  graffiti-face-in-Kaunas underground-bunker-in-Kaunas old-wall-in-KaunasRaw-restaurant-in-Kaunas George Maciunas, Jurgis Maciunas Fluxus-graffiti-in-Kaunas-2 lonely shoes statue-in-Kaunas Kaunas, Lithuania coffee-in-Kaunas british-taxi-in-Kaunas  church in Kaunas by night lights, Kaunas, romantic creepy-graffiti-in-Kaunas Kaunas, Lithuania bicycle-road-in-Kaunas old-door-in-Kaunas Public-telephone-in-Kaunas


Author: M.Borgarbúi

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