Ride around the Lugu lake


If you are visiting Yunnan and Sichuan Province in China and are in the mood to get fit, I recommend you to take a bike-ride around the Lugu lake (泸沽湖).
If you go there in the summertime, expect sunny weather with fresh wind gusts on your face as you ride around this panoramic site.
In the summertime it’s semi-crowded by local tourists and foreigners are rare guests there. The reason for that is that many mainstream foreigners (most of them think that they are original) after visiting ancient city of Lijiang are heading to Shangri La in the North-West of Yunnan, while Lugu lake is located on the North-Eastern part on the border to Sichuan.

Getting around
To rent a bike for a day is not a big deal, probably all of the hotels could arrange you one. If you want to make the trip around the lake more enjoyable you should get up early, so you could see the local people in villages around the lake doing their daily duties and of course to make a safe trip home before the dark. It’s located up in the mountains, so don’t get surprised if you will get a rainfall or cold wind after a sunny and a hot morning. Be prepared with your raincoat or you will end up hiding in a cave.
There is approximetely 40 km of riding path around the lake which includes steep hills and dangerous downgrades. So sleep well before you head on this trip! If you do so, you will make a circle around the lake in about 7-8 hours with some short stops at the villages for some cold water or fullfilling lunch.



泸沽湖 泸沽湖 DSC02867 泸沽湖 泸沽湖 DSC02871 DSC02875 泸沽湖, China DSC02877 DSC02878 DSC02879 DSC02880 DSC02881 DSC02886 DSC02890 DSC02891 DSC02892 泸沽湖, China DSC02899 DSC02901 泸沽湖, China DSC02904 泸沽湖 DSC02907 DSC02908 DSC02910 DSC02913 DSC02919 DSC02920 DSC02922 DSC02924 DSC02928 DSC02929 DSC02934 DSC02940 DSC02942 DSC02943 DSC02944 DSC02945 DSC02946 DSC02947 DSC02948 DSC02949 DSC02950 DSC02953

Breakfast at Lugu lake.

Breakfast at Lugu lake.

DSC02956 DSC02958 DSC02959 泸沽湖, China Road around Lugu lake DSC02967 DSC02969 DSC02970 DSC02971 DSC02982 DSC02983 DSC02984 DSC02987 DSC02988 DSC02989 DSC02992 DSC02993 DSC02994 Lugu lake landslide DSC02996 DSC02997 DSC02998 Tibet flags near Lugu lake DSC03000 泸沽湖, China DSC03003 DSC03004 DSC03005 DSC03006 DSC03007 DSC03010 DSC03011 DSC03012 DSC03014 DSC03017 DSC03018 DSC03019 DSC03020 DSC03021 DSC03022 DSC03023 DSC03024 DSC03025  泸沽湖, China DSC03027 DSC03029 DSC03030 DSC03031 DSC03032 DSC03033 DSC03034 DSC03035 Constructions at Lugu Lake village DSC03039 DSC03042 DSC03043 DSC03044 DSC03047 DSC03048 DSC03049  泸沽湖, China DSC03051 DSC03053 DSC03055

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