Photo-Tales of Tails

One eye blinks. Two eyes – flash, something turns around – no tail can be seen… If you catch an eye of one, look around and you will find a bunch of more.
That’s how I found fellow travelers in Israel –  who do get food daily from kind residents, sleep on the roofs and cry like babies on the streets at night.
Who were they? The Felis Catus species – of course!


More about Israel: Jerusalem, if I forget you [1/3] and Jerusalem, if I forget you [2/3]

  Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem – The way of the Cross: cat-israel-2


Furry loner at the Abraham’s House, Jerusalem: cat-israel-15 cat-israel-16

Ratisbonne Institute, West Jerusalem: cat-israel-13

Veggie-loving calico/spotted cats of  the village of Ein Karem, 7.5km south-west of Jerusalem: cat-israel-22cat-israel-23

Most of the stray cats seem to choose to stay  on the rooftops or at places where they blend in with their surroundings:

cat-israel-21cat-israel-10cat-israel-8cat-israel-14cat-israel-6 cat-israel-5  

Southern Israel-Jordan border is one of the best places for a catnap: cat-israel-24  

Too bad humans rarely have a chance to take a nap in a flower pot on a Shabbat! 😉 cat-israel-17cat-israel-18cat-israel-19cat-israel-20   by G.J. Lapé

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