Medieval Festival in Vicchio

In Italy, around 40km from Florence there is a town called Vicchio. Its not famous for anything, at least I did not know anything about it when I saw a poster with its name on it. The poster was advertising a festival which was supposed to happen the following day. As I understood, it was supposed to be a medieval festival.

Next morning me and two of my friends bought train tickets to Vicchio city to see what it has to offer. We didn’t know what to expect, but the money and the time were well spent. We had an opportunity to be a part of local festival where foreign tourists were hardly seen. People were wearing costumes from old times.

Peasants, knights, nobles, musicians and even ancients football players were part of the festival. It was east to notice the contrast between the outfits of common people and the ones that nobles and knights were wearing.They were much more elegant and had brighter colours than those of common peasants. Vicchio town appeared to be a tiny place possible to walk around in just couple of hours, but the atmosphere there made us feel like we were part of the ancient world.

Photos and text by M.BorgarbĂși

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