Jerusalem, If I Forget You [2/3]

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Being a Pilgrim

The idea of pilgrimage can be imagined in various ways. Personally, I always thought it was all about the road and not so much about the destination. To be more accurate – a silent rural road. Do places like that still exist?  Jerusalem is holy for all three Abrahamic religions and their routes can be diverse, but the way of the cross – Via Dolorosa – basically has only two variations – Western and Eastern, which both end at the Holy Sepulchre church. For centuries the road was just like any other road, but slowly churches were being built over the remains and holy relics, which all tell great stories.

Then again, when can one truly say that you’ve gone on a pilgrimage? Do you need to follow the routes or make your own?

For me, just being there felt like a fairytale – suddenly all these things you’ve heard of in Sunday school come alive and time disappears. It is just you and your faith.



Different flags flutter above the Old City of Jerusalem as if stating that it belongs to everyone and no one:Vatican-flag-jerusalemLatin-Patriarch-of-Jerusalemswedish-chirstian-study-centre-jerusalemscottish-church-jerusalemdanish-school-jerusalemfranciscans-dominus-flevit


Worshipers taking the last smoke and checking their phones before entering The Western Wall worship space: western-wallking-david-miniature-statue


Jewish style memorial candle on Mount of Olives at one of 70,000 tombs, which all face the Golden Gate – the gate leading to heaven: jewish-memorial-candle


The Syriac chapel behind the tomb of Jesus may be greatly damaged, but that doesn’t stop believers from holding mass there: syrian-chapel


The golden dome of Jerusalem – Temple Mount/Dome of the Rock area can only be entered by visitors in the morning and after midday, but only at times which don’t clash with muslim prayer time: dome-of-the-rock


Many muslim doorways are decorated with Kabbah and religious scrips indicating that they’ve carried out their 5th religious duty: piligrimage-graffiti


Fair-skinned Mary as imagined by Palestinian Christians: palestinian-pilgrim-shop-bethlehem palestinian-jesus nativity-church-square mural-shepherds-fields-bethlehem mount-of-tabor-church-mural milk-grotto-bethlehemLazarus-catholic-church-Bethlehem           franciscan-monastery-entrante


Bird’s eye over Holy Sepulchre square: holy-sepulcher-square-birds-eye


Armenian crosses engraved by pilgrims all over the entrance pillar of Holy Sepulchre: cross-column


Ethiopian Copts are not allowed to renew their monastery at the Holy Sepulcher site, but they sure are creative when it come to flowers.  ethiopian-monastery ethiopian-monastery-2 ethiopian-altar  


Look over Jerusalem from the East: cross-over-jerusalem 


Due to many different Western and Eastern Christian denominations, Jerusalem’s Christmas Tree stays decorated through January, if not longer: christmas-tree-old-city-israel

Photos and story by: Miss Lape


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