Jerusalem, If I Forget You [1/3]

Writing a post on anything that mentions Israel and the Palestinian Territory can easily start needless debates just because the two names were brought up or in fact not at all. Maybe even misspelled. So, it’s not worth mentioning them in the first place? Well, I come in peace, so I might as well take the risk…

jerusalem-from-long distance

“Weren’t you scared?” My friends kept asking me when I came back home and (as harsh as it may sound) I had missed the most fun part of the amusement park.Perhaps the roller coaster?


I arrived to Ben Gurion airport after the unexpected snow storm had melted out in the end of 2013 and was puzzled about all the fallen trees, especially the palms on the sidewalks as I was sitting in the back of the airport shuttle behind two men wearing perfectly spotless black panamas.

The first few nights in the old city of Jerusalem got me a bit nervous, the turmoil of pilgrims and merchants, muezzins calling muslims to pray and soldiers standing on every corner. Eventually I figured that it isn’t as stressful as one might think in the beginning, but on the first night in a guesthouse, I laid down and started wondering if there was another room behind mine? Which direction was my bed facing? Or… Is there really a baby left outside crying?! Does this happen every night and everywhere?

The moment of suspense listening was about to make my neck stiff the next day, when suddenly an unclear sign explained to me it’s just a cat outside fighting for food!

“Well, of course, what else could’ve it been?”, snorted my hurt ego, and I finally fell asleep.

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DSC08551 DSC08325 DSC08258

Creepy grotto in Nazareth:DSC08489

All around Israel you can find things that were donated to various sites and the names of the donors. F.x. this stone bench at the Shepherds Fields near Bethlehem :


Some street sights in Jerusalem. Can you find the typos?:

nike-in-israelDSC08061  DSC07940_2DSC07941_2DSC08059

Some more insights on Israel and especially Jerusalem in the Jerusalem, If I Forget You part 2 and 3.

by Miss Lape

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