Italy: Walls in the Clouds

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Traveling through different countries brings different experiences. Some people enjoy the food more than the tourist attractions and other people like to to spend their vacation lying on the beach with their swimsuits on or… naked – depending on how seriously you take your vacation. Others leave their cities to see the landscape and the wonders of the mother nature.

I don’t think that in this modern world there’s anyone who would decide to travel without having any kind of camera. Even old people, with little or no knowledge, buy a camera so they could share some flicks with their closest ones back home. 

For me personally taking pictures, represents my point of view about the places I see and how I see them. Once in India, I was occupied with taking pictures which were more like still-picture-documenting with a clear connection between each photo. In China, I was more focused on people at work and the street life. And finally in Italy it felt like I was a soviet montage movie-maker with little or no connection between each photo. Of course, I did take pictures of the main travelling points, but the beauty of the country for me was mostly seen in random buildings, shadows, sky and clouds. The pictures that are presented below is the collection of my favourite shots.

[© Photos & text by M.Borgarbúi]

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