Images of Chinese People at Work: Part 2

When you travel around China, it  doesn’t matter if it’s urban or rural area, there’s one thing that you will never miss – working people. People cleaning streets, family working at their tiny restaurants, people working in a construction sites, farmers and other kind of workers. This is second part out of two about discovering people at work in China.

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DSC02370 DSC02369 DSC02371 DSC02373 DSC02374 DSC02379 DSC02383 DSC02389 DSC02472 DSC02476 DSC02483 DSC02541 DSC02556 DSC02557 DSC02558 DSC02560 DSC02600 DSC02601 DSC02635 DSC02650 DSC02674 DSC02677 DSC02687 DSC02688 DSC02693 DSC02694 DSC02825 DSC02832 DSC02842 DSC02845 DSC02850 DSC02851 DSC02940 DSC02942 DSC03048 DSC03062 DSC03063 DSC03068 DSC03080 DSC03084 DSC03097 DSC03112 DSC03131 DSC03167 DSC03239 DSC03259 DSC03304 DSC03375 DSC03378 DSC03417 DSC03479

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