5 Exciting Icelandic Movies That Will Teach You New Things

We tend to learn about countries from music, books, internet and random cool videos showing the best locations of particular country.  Iceland is no different, but if you want to get deeper understanding about Icelandic culture, to see some Icelandic movies is a must.

Traditional culture is usually most well kept in small cities or villages, that’s why this post includes five exciting Icelandic movies that tell stories about a life in a country side.

Hrútar (Rams) – 2015

The film is about two farmer brothers Kiddi and Gummi who are living in Northern part of Iceland where they share the same land, but they haven’t talked to each other for more than 40 years. Both of them are farmers who raise sheep. However, one day Kiddi’s sheep get infected by lethal disease and the whole valley becomes under the threat. The authorities requests to kill all the stock in the area to stop the outbreak, but brothers decide to fight back to survive their farming business.

Why should you watch it?

If you are interested in a farm life or where does your lopapeysa come from, then this is a movie for you.

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Paris Norðursins (Paris of The North) – 2014

Hugi has recently found a peace from a complex life in a small city of Northern part in Iceland. He works as a teacher,  attends AA meetings, studies Portuguese and feels good of living on a slow phase. However, one day he gets a call from his father who wants to visit him and everything flips over again.

Why should you watch it?

To learn about family relationship and alcohol abuse issues.

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Metalhaus (Metalhead) – 2013

It is a story about a girl who blames herself for her older brother’s death, who died in an accident. To cope her guilt she finds a peace in a black metal music and has a dream to become a rock star. However, the life is more than just a dream, she still needs to deal with a day to day life which is not that simple even in a country side.

Why should you watch it?

Besides the personal struggle, movie gives a good idea about how hard it is to become a locally famous musician in Iceland.

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Djúpið (The Deep) – 2012

The movie tells a real story about a fisherman Guðlaugur Friðþórsson who survives the boat accident back in 1984 near Vestmannaeyjar islands. He spends six hours in the freezing ocean before reaching the shore. People thought it was a miracle that he could survive.

Why should you watch it?

Even today it is common that small fisherman boats sink in Iceland. The movie covers the danger and emotions in the life of fishermen and people that surround them. Also, it is one of the few movies that is based on the real story with a help of recreation by its real personalities.

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Nói Albinói (Noi The Albino) – 2003

The film tells the story about a young guy Noi who lives in a fishing village in the most remote area of Iceland – Westfjords. Because of his different look he spends most of the time wandering around on his own, but one day the things are starting to change.

Why should you watch it?

In recent years, more and more people have chosen to leave Westfjords, it could explain you the reason behind that.

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Unfortunately I can not provide you any access to watch these films for free, but you can rent a digital form of most Icelandic films at www.icelandiccinema.com.

Which of these movies have you already seen?

Hrútar (Rams)
Paris Norðursins (Paris of the North)
Metalhaus (Metalhead)
Djúpið (The Deep)
Nói Albinói (Noi the Albino)

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By M.Borgarbúi

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