How to Avoid Boredom on Solo Trip

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Yes, you can get bored of traveling.

All of us who travel for a long period of time, at some point get a burnout that stop us from enjoying traveling to the fullest and everything becomes mediocre and boring.

Eiffel Tower becomes plain rubbish and finally seeing your favorite painting at the art museum, makes you feel totally uninspired. It might even lead you of thinking that you made a bad decision by choosing this long holiday.

Don’t let it ruin your trip !

In this post I will talk about the steps you could take to avoid boredom on your solo trip.

Sit by the window

When you book a bus ticket, try to get a seat next to the window. You would have a chance to enjoy the landscape and time will pass by much faster.

Listen to the music

Bring with you some of you favorite songs. It will not only help you to feel happy, but also could entertain you, if you like to sing along!

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Talk to the locals

I am sure that if you travel solo, at some point you not only get tired of sight seeing but also hanging out with other travelers becomes too stodgy.

For a change, you can meet local people who could tell you things about the city and local life that you wouldn’t be able to learn about on your own.

To meet up with a single person, a good place to do so is to look for people on, just make sure that in search query you choose Wants to Meet Up:


Another option would be Rent a Local Friend. It is not free, and prices depends on what kind of meet up you are looking for. It is possible to find a buddy for several hours to several days or even a week. A good thing about it is that you can search for a friend according to your own search bar

If you enjoy meeting a group of people, would be a better choice. Bellow you can see a preview of upcoming meet ups in Porto, Portugal. A good thing about it is that you can find meet ups that fit best to your interests. upcoming events

…and don’t forget your friends

They might not have as much free time as you do, but connecting with them and sharing your travel experiences would make you feel as if they were right next to you.

Write a diary 

Psychologists say that writing down your feelings makes you feel happier.

You can use diary as a travel journal to remember places you’ve visited and also for rough times when you have no one to express your feelings with.

Attend non-touristic events

First option to find local events would be to search it on Google, by typing in events in [city name]. If you’re lucky you will find the English version of the local events website.

The problem with those websites is that they usually announce only big events that require you to buy a ticket in advance. It is not good if you’re looking for spontaneous choices.

The better way to find some local events is to use Facebook. What I usually tend to do is to visit pages of random places (bars, cafés, organizations) and look for Upcoming events table which looks like this: events listing on the page

If I find some interesting events, I go into event’s page and click that I am Interested or Going. If you do it a while ahead of your arrival to the city, you might get this awesome listing with various choices to choose events list

Good thing about using Facebook Events is that the majority of them are mostly oriented towards local community, so attendance fee is low or free.

Travel as if you’re living there

Read a book, watch a movie or go to explore with out any itinerary. Traveling shouldn’t always be about seeing most important sights. Give yourself time and enjoy the moment of now.

p.s. It would be lovely to hear your personal stories about how did you beat the boredom while traveling, in the comment section bellow.

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I for instance can’t refer to myself as a traveler since I haven’t ever traveled outside the borders of my country even though my village is where the border to a Ivory Coast is located. Getting to America is the dream of many including myself.

Anyway, I do love the tips you’ve shared. Soaking some tracks is what I do anytime I board a bus.