10 Travel Tips on How to Save Your Memories

Traveling is not just booking a flight, a hotel and a guide around the main attraction places. If you want to have a remarkable trip you have to plan a lot, deal with people and take good decisions while at your dream destination.

In this article I will talk about bad choices people make that totally ruin their travel memories. Have in mind though, that it is written from my own perspective and personal experience.


(1) Not taking pictures

I like to take pictures, but I hate to stand in the front of some monument to be taken picture of. However, if there’s s person in your group who has ultra-mainstream-tourist-photo ideas, don’t judge him and let him/her take pictures of you. It’s better to have more pictures than too few.


(2) Taking pictures of nothing

Even though I like to take pictures of all kind of random stuff, when traveling with someone it’s good to be aware of how it might be annoying for the other person to follow all your weird photo-shooting trail.



(3) Not eating in an empty restaurant

Have you heard this cliché phrase “Only crowded restaurants are good, because that’s where the locals go”? Makes no sense!

Quality is not always measured by how crowded restaurants are. Especially in tourist overloaded streets you should not waste your time trying to find a seat in completely full restaurant. Go outside the main street and you will find food made with more love and less stress.


(4) Not buying a souvenir

I always end up buying souvenirs on a last day. Don’t do that! Rather buy the things that catch your eye while traveling than anything you can on the last day of you trip. Who likes the crappy souvenirs with no meaning?

(5) Thinking too much about the price

Buying things for ourselves is similar to shopping for souvenirs. Lets say you find some very nice pants that nobody back home would have, but you think they’re too expensive. Two days later you feel that it was worth money and now feel bad that you didn’t purchase them.

If you have enough space in your luggage, do the shopping straight away. For backpackers I would recommend to travel with half empty bags or only take with you clothes that could be left any time at the second-hand store.


(6) Feeling unsafe to travel far away

Have you been to Spain five summer vacations in a row? You’re rigid! Do some change, how about crossing the strait of Gibraltar to visit totally new word of Morocco? Be creative, go far away from the places you are used to!

(7) Not learning a new language

If you speak English, it doesn’t mean that people abroad should do so. Learn at least simple phrases to surprise people and maybe make some new local friends.


(8) Looking for a slice of pizza

This is probably most annoying thing. When people go abroad they have some ideas about traditional food, the problem with it is that most of these traditional dishes, snacks are not popular by locals.

For example when I went to Italy one of my dream was to taste a real Italian pizza. How was it? Worst pizza I have ever had. Was it because I was in the wrong part of Italy? Who knows, but looking for something that is only marketed for tourists is not worth your time.


(9) Hanging out with the wrong people

I don’t consume alcohol or smoke – in other words I am picky with whom I like to hang out. But sometimes it’s hard to choose the company.

Once on my solo trip I ended up spending some days with hipster-hippies (no offense, I like hippies who are drug-free) who where more up for drinking and smoking hashish. I could adapt myself to the circumstances for a short time, but it was bad surrounding in a long run.

Don’t spend your vacation with people that you don’t like!


(10) Visiting only main attractions

It’s fine if you’re looking for a short escape from your daily routine, although they are energy vampires. It is very likely that you would have to wait in long lines to see little or nothing special.

Be one step ahead of others, browse for tips and reviews online for the places that are not so popular or are just still not yet marketed well for the foreign tourists. Don’t worry, if it’s not mentioned as top 10 places to see it doesn’t mean that your day will be ruined.

 by M.Borgarbúi

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