Things to Know before Going to Japan

For many of us Japan is: Manga & Anime, Sony, Sushi and Japanese gardens, but this post is not just about that. You will get to learn more!

Japan has unique culture, cuisine (let’s exclude sushi for now) and very different social behavior from our western one. So before you travel, study or go to work there. We have collected for you several videos to watch. They were made by English-speaking people living in Japan who have good tips for new-comers. Some of the videos might seem a bit weird, but I bet that you will enjoy and educate yourself!


Chris Broad has been living in Japan since 2012. He tries to describe his own cultural shock and cultural differences.


Gimmeflakeman made a hilarious review about which nationality of Gaijin (japanese word for foreigners) are most likely to get into relationship with a Japanese person. Some of the points might offend some people, but don’t take it personally…


Mark Wiens brings a fun list of 25 things to do in Tokyo. People in Akihabara Electric Town (#17) seem to be obsessed with their phones…or is it just the free Wi-Fi?


Sharla in Japan proves that Japan is not so expensive as we’re told. She also includes a good list of pricing of essential things in daily life.


Toilet paper is serious business and Jun and Rachel explain it with a personal story.


If you are already excited about moving to Japan, check out Regan‘s tips.


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by M.Borgarbúi

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