Dvaras – the hidden manor in Vilnius

Winter 2013, I had a chance to stay and see the life of people at Dvaras (e. Manor or palace). It’s a hidden building in the center of Vilnius which has similarities to a manor house. With a number of official residents and their friends hanging around, it seems like a tiny community with its own borders. Many people there seem to be quite good musicians who occasionally gather together to play both known musical compositions and their own favorites during the jamming sessions.



On the first night there were people playing and singing traditional Lithuanian folklore songs. Second day, some local band was invited to cherish residents and other friends who were invited to the event. People were kindly requested to bring some biscuits and other snacks so that everyone would share it together.

The atmosphere was great, people were aware of the music and listened to it with respect and later danced to is as if there’s no tomorrow.

After the band finished with their repertoire, other people joined to play the instruments, which was of improvisational nature. Some of them played like professionals, while others like me, had a bit hard time to get into the rhythm. The good thing about it was that nobody judged anybody and everyone was welcome to join the fun.

I asked one of the guests if he’s a constant Dvaras guest and he said that he does come here quite often to play some music with others.

I bet if I would live in Vilnius, I would also be a frequent guests of this place. Who doesn’t want to become a free spirit in this complex world?

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