Cambodian Rock Songs You Should Hear, Right Now!

Rock music in Cambodia? Yes, my friend, 60’s and 70’s was not only golden era of rock n roll in the West, but also in Southeast Asian country like Cambodia. Many of their songs have similarity to American and British music, but at the same time it has its own distinguishing style. Fast rhythm and melodic tunes will make your brain go nuts in a positive way. We have collected fifteen songs which will help you in the journey of exploring Cambodian rock music.

1. Unknown Artist – Sat Tee Touy

2. Yos Alarong – Navany Koeu Khnyom

 3. Ros Sereysothea – Penh Jet Thai Bong Mouy

4. Houy Meas & Dara ChomChan – Nek Na Min Rom

5. Pan Ran – Rom Jongvak Twist

 6. Sothea – Jum 10 Kae Thiet Sen

 7. Liev Tuk – Rom Soul Soul

  8. Pen Ran – Rom Jongvak Khem Ler Muy Bhot Sen

 9. Yol Aularogn – Cafe Kmao

 10. Yos Olarang – Sora Sora

 11. Meas Samorn – Dondeung Koun Kay

 12. Sothea – Nik Nas! Nik Nas!

 13. Samouth – Kyong Kdok Tik Jun

 14. Sinn Sisamouth – Som Rom Jea Mouy Pong (Black Magic Woman)

 14. Pan Ron – Tom Gomsang Jenda

15. Ros Sereysothea – Phey! Phey! Phey!


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