Mercedes Fergnani: Tasty Surrealism from Argentina

Bright colours, comic and somewhat absurd ideas which make you stop and think for a while. Who are we talking about this time? Let’s land in the province of Buenos Aires and find out!

Let me tell you about myself, my name is Mercedes Fergnani (b.1979) from Argentina. I have worked and studied different things, had been a kindergarten teacher, fashion designer, origami teacher and a painter. Today my work is a combination of all this knowledge. Besides, I like cooking and going everything I can to work for my inner peace.

When did you start to draw?

I started drawing since I could hold a pencil in my hands. My first origami was a boat when I was 1 and a half year old. My mother has still got it and showed it to me a few months ago.

When I was a child I liked to draw comics about my family, then my aunt gave me her watercolors as a present and it was a magical moment for me.

Did you always have a dream of becoming an artist?

Yes, I still want to be an artist, in Argentina it is difficult to live working as an artist, mostly you have to have another work to buy things…so… I apply my creativity in my ordinary work day by day, and that makes me happy!


Mercedes-Fergnani-art-crecimiento-del conejo-4
Do you make art as a full time job or is it more like a hobby?

Right now, it is more of a hobby. These days I’m beginning to study Japanese stamp techniques to complement my work and have fun.

Who is your main inspiration?

I think at the beginning my influences were pop art and surrealism mostly, also fashion inspired me. Right now I’m more into nature’s influences and native cultures. I like very much Hundertwasser because he sees human as an integral being, and that is were we are heading right now.


Mercedes-Fergnani-art-juan-carlos-tiene-una relacion-abierta

For people who know little about Argentinian art scene, which artists would you recommend to follow?

I can recommend the following artists, I like their work very much: Alejandro Sordi, Paula Duró, Delia Iglesias, Nicolas Novali, Ana Montecucco, Laura Antonio, Elias Santis, Laura Salomone Patricio Larrambebere. They are all contemporary artists.

To learn more about Mercedes Fergnani, check her Facebook and Flickr.

Interview by MissLape

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