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Ari Hlynu artist

Hello people, this is the second edition of DecaF Monday series. For the next ten weeks we will get to know the artwork of Ari Hlynur aka TeiknAri. He is a young Icelandic illustrator who is working hard to make his dream come true.

When did you start to draw?

I remember when I was six years old; I lagged behind in drawing. At that time when some of my classmates were able to draw beautiful pictures of people, I was drawing stickman figures. I was jealous of them. If I remember right I was around nine years old when people started to surround me in the art class and around the same time I became known as a “drawer of the class” (I believe there is one in each class).

When I was in elementary school I had a dream to draw for The Simpsons series one day, but I never put a lot of effort in drawing, I only did it when I was bored. For example, all of my notebooks from elementary school contains 80% drawings and 20% of schoolwork.

Did you always had a dream to become an illustrator?

I remember that I wanted to become an illustrator when I was younger, but I did not have a plan how to achieve it, because I was not sure what exactly I wanted to do. With time this dream vanished away, mainly because I had doubts that I could ever work with it. It was very tortuous. All kinds of factors affected my thinking such as self-image and boring studies. Even when I started studying art studies in high school I barely had any hope to work and earn from drawing. Only around two years ago I resuscitated my dream for real and set a goal to become a “professional illustrator” and I am working on it now with full energy.

Do you have a full time job as a graphic designer?

No not really, I am working now in a kindergarten and I am very happy with that. I was aware of that before I started my last year of graphic design studies that I did not really have an actual interest to work as a graphic designer. I chose these studies because of practical reasons; so I could have more opportunities to get a job after graduation, instead of being “abandoned artist” in search of projects for little money. Although I am happy that I chose these studies, it gives better understanding about technical and professional skills that it would not be possible to learn in regular art studies. However my passion lies in illustration and children books, but not advertisement and layouts.

Art by TeiknAri


by Ari Hlynur, Gjemligjemli

Ari Hlynur,


Ari Hlynu artist


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