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“We want to explore the world the way it really is”


With this project we want to help you to have an easy access to learn about cultures, customs and become more aware of the world surrounding you.

To be able to do so we travel and write about adventurous destinations, sharing travel stories, guides and interviews with creative and influential people. We are also active in collaboration with bloggers/ writers who create epic stories and who are happy to share their content on our website.

We are doing our best to share with you only the most valued, informative and entertaining content. Does it go together? Definitely!

Our Team

Marius-BorgarbuiMarius Borgarbúi – Founder and storyteller 

I am traveler, volunteer, writer, musician and lately into the acting. For last 2 years I have been volunteering for a youth organization in Reykjavik, Iceland. During that time I have had a chance to meet and work with all kind of people from all the continents of the world.

I always liked to help people in need and as a passionate traveler I write for people with big dreams to travel the world and willing to have better understanding about unique cultures.The idea of the website came to my mind in 2009 when I was on the first solo trip to India.

I had this dream of capturing my trip on a tape and show the world how India looks like. Unfortunately it was totally different than I had imagined and as a rookie traveler I gave up on filming. However, my dream was not gone and with more travel experience and educating myself about different cultures I took a big step and finally launched this website in 2012.

Where I have been to?

As an European citizen, I have been to Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Lithuania, Austria, Faroe Islands and of course my home place Iceland. As a culture shock craver I have visited Asian countries China and India. And of course I’ve been to U.S , the feel-like-at-home country.

Future traveling?

If talking about one of these “big dreams” I would like to visit at least one country in Africa and South America…but I should watch out what I wish for. I have a feeling that it would end up a long road trip around both continents.

If you could only take one thing to a deserted island, what would it be?

Camera, so I would not die of boredom.

Miss-GudriMiss Lape – The mastermind of headlines & storyteller

Hi there! 
I’m the so-called Headline Master here at Exp.No.Where and a linguistics (especially etymology) enthusiast! So, although I’m a Fine Arts graduate, just like my former classmates, I chose mixing it up a bit and ended up researching social issues through the form of performance art. 
I don’t really plan ahead of time, everything seems to be preplanned, so I tell myself – “don’t fight it! there must be a reason” and believe it or not, there always seems to be one, and while traveling, volunteering and participating in various artistic and social projects, I discover the reasons for everyday life being the way it is.
Enjoy today and every-day!
Where I have been to? 
Belgium, Denmark, Faroe Islands, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Morocco, Palestinian Territory, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, United States, Vatican, Italy, Lithuania, Russia and obviously currently Iceland. 
Future traveling? 
Anything Byzantine! Something Balkan or somewhere in the Causasus. Let’s hitchhike?!
If you could only take one thing to a deserted island, what would it be?
Spice box! 
That’s what I take to most of my trips. Most spices can be used as – 1. Tisane (herbal tea) 2.Medicine 3.Bath/foot soak, and of course 4.Spice!

JuditaJudita – Grammar Queen / Copy Editor

I am a recent graduate from the University of Iceland in Strategic Management. I have spent almost half of my life living in Iceland but I am Lithuanian by nationality (and very proud of it).

Where have I been to?
So far I have visited Iceland, Lithuania, some states in USA (although not enough), Holland, England, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, France, Austria, Czech Republic and Turkey and Faroe Islands!

Future traveling?
I don’t know why but Russia and some countries in Asia and United Arab Emirates and Latvia, it is so close and I have never been there (feeling ashamed).

If you could only take one thing to a deserted island, what would it be? 
A very thick book. Or a Kindle since there are a lot of books included? Just in case deserted island is not so exciting.   If you have reached all the way down, it seems that you really want to know more.


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